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Check my new profile!

2017-01-05 15:07:30 by ChanTheGamerMan

So I'm giving up on this channel and reinventing myself, check out my new profile ChansLand

Need inspiration!

2016-09-29 15:11:28 by ChanTheGamerMan

I'm starting back into the habit of making more art, and right now I'm kinda lacking in encouragement, and inspiration. I wanna start doing some psychadelic stuff so i want all of you guys to just give me a list of some elements you would like to be used in a psychadelic way and I will see which I like the best and work within those parameters and the I'll post and we all can see what comes of it. So just give me some ideas of some psychadelic stuff you want to see and put it in the comments

Sorry everyone i have been doing some high quality, dankest of the dank, kind of art but i have also been very busy and I'm moving soon also. I have a lot done but just havent uploaded any of it and I apologize, don't hate me for it. I'll probably just offload an asston of projects and work and finished creations one of these days so just be on the lookout for it! I'm sorry and once again, please have faith in me and i promise you won't be disappointed! 

Sorry everyone... i have been letting everyone down. I havent been able to submit and art or really work on any. It feels like shit... I've had some family emergencies lately on top of school and work and it just sucks. I let you all down and i'm nervous about the art i have submitted i feel there is no diversity and it feels wrong. I'm steadily working on my understanding of the human body and new art techniques so i can submit some great work! But for now... I apologize. Will you ever forgive me?


2015-10-27 08:30:43 by ChanTheGamerMan

Time is never Time at all.

Gate of the moon, darkness, a cold abyss full of uncertainties and endless notions of the not so final frontier. A fortress of solitude that will eventually grow and swallow us all, all of us full of worldly pleasentries that will never satisfy our growing hunger and the endless depth of our own subconsciousness. The pursuit of happiness is within itself a paradox. All journies must come to a closure, or so we're taught. All good things do come to an end. Even though we know this, we continue aimlessly through our cruel and miserable existance. Yet everyday we long for The Better, or whatever is The Good. Fooling ourselves to help survive and supress the truth that we always face blindly. When we gain sight of the actual truth, we're scared and overwhelmed by the pain that inevitably follows. But for those who come to an understandingg of what life really means, they suffer. Others wouldn't understand because they are the equivelent of a newborn pup, feeling their way around and adjusting to survive. But who are the insightful to blame for ignorance, when in time, everyone faces their own truths and are temporarily unblinded. The bitter cold that surrounds, is then dulled even for the slightest bit when you gain sight. Ignorance is only for those who have faced reality and have run from it. But yet in time our stories fade and leave a mark on those who we've encountered, then eventually after death, rememberance fades into a drifting thought on the tip of the tounge of the self-righteous bastards who snuffed our flame.


2015-09-30 08:33:10 by ChanTheGamerMan

Haha I'm so happy now! i can finally create some good digital art instead of doing ink and pencil, scan it, and upload it! haha yay!!!